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shipping FAQs

Shipping Time

It can take a up to a week to make your item (sometimes longer), especially in peak ordering times. We are a one person operation.  We strive to stay fully stocked but since our products are handcrafted in small batches, sometimes acquiring and processing ingredients requires a  little patience. We will contact you if there will be a delay on your order time.

Once your item is shipped, it arrives within 1-5 days in the US.

If you are on a deadline contact us and we can do our best to meet your needs.

My Order Was Lost or Damaged. What Can I Do?

In the case of damaged items, send a message to us with your order number, name and a photo of the item and the outside of the package. A claim will be filed with the shipping carrier. All products that are damaged will be replaced at our discretion.

If a package does not arrive as stated in your tracking please send a message and contact your local postmaster to file a report.

We are not responsible for lost packages.

Is My Order Insured?

Only Priority mail services come with insurance. If an item is shipped First Class and is stolen or lost, you will be responsible for that loss. Please kindly note it is not our responsibility to pay for goods stolen from your porch. Please pay for Priority shipping or contact us in advance to let us know to add it to your order, if you are at all concerned about items being lost or stolen.

When Adding Multiple Items, My Shipping Costs Are Really Adding Up.

Is There Anyway To Avoid That?

We do have the shipping set up the best way possible on here, but when you order a lot of items it can sometimes give you an erroneous estimate. If shipping seems high, leave a note at checkout and overages more than $2 will be refunded. You are always welcome to message us with any shipping questions you have. Choose Flat Rate Shipping.

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