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We're Not Your Average Health-Food Eatery!


We've upgraded the quality of the health food restaurant experience.


From the quality of the ingredients we use such as nutrient enriched superfood extracts to probiotics blended in our dishes - as well as how we source them - as consciously and locally as possible; from ethically farmed organic eggs, chicken and line caught salmon to sustainability sourced free trade coffee. 


And all delivered as visually stunning dishes in a fun and vibrant environment, which always feels like home.



We’re also uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our products and the dining experience.

Through our relentless pursuit for improvement, we’ve created dietary alternatives (Vegan & Gluten Free) for EVERY dish on our menu, without discounting taste or texture or nutritional value.


We also strive to be as environmentally conscientious as possible, with a plant-based compostable packaging policy and an ongoing effort to reduce all plastic usage, even from suppliers.

Health, Vegan & Gluten Free Food in San
health food restaurant founders Darryn Welch & Veronika Fehr


Improving the Quality of People's Lives.

Eating healthily shouldn't feel like a compromise and so in 2018, when Veronika and I opened our first Hustle n’ Flow Health Food Eatery in the heart of San Pedro, on Southern Spain’s famous Costa del Sol, we were on a mission:

"To make ‘eating healthy’ more enjoyable in every way, by providing consciously curated, visually stunning, predominantly plant based dishes, made with better quality ingredients in a fun & vibrant environment, where you always feel at home."

"Hustle n’ FlOw is a Place fOr the Everyday Hustler tO Escape the Daily Grind.

TO Seek InspiratiOn & Refuel,
Feeding BOth BOdy & Mind."


the hunger and determination to build, create, explore and realise goals.


a state of complete immersion in an activity, where ego and sense of time disappear.


Travellers' ChOice, BEST OF THE BEST.

Top 10% of Restaurants, Worldwide!

We are incredibly proud and humbled to have received such a prestigious award and even happier to know that our guests recommend us so highly.

This coveted award program celebrates travelers’ favorite  restaurants based on millions of reviews and opinions from travellers around the world.  Award winners, reflect the "best of the best" for service, quality and customer satisfaction, placing them in the top 10% of restaurants, worldwide! 

Receiving this distinguished recognition is a testament to the service and quality that our team consistently provides and we are so grateful for our customers' continued support!

Travellers' Choice Best of the Best Award

Why We Started Our Very Own Health Food Restaurant

health food restaurant - pick up or delivery marbella



Have you ever wanted to own your own café but without all the risk of building a new concept or brand?

If you want to be part of a healthier more sustainable future, then let's start the conversation. 

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